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This kit delivers everything you need to build an engaging, sustainable Culture of Good in your organization. Individuals and their teams will be led in a step by step guide toward creating a culture that makes sense with the way your business is already operating and reflects your organization’s and employees’ values. Your organization will discover it’s cause and how to align employees and customers to that cause. Participants will learn how to live up to five promises foundational to building a Culture of Good:

  • We will Care about the people and the world around us.
  • We will Drive the Business to greater success, so it can do more good.
  • We will Connect with the people around us.
  • We will Inspire others to join us in doing good.
  • We will Be Authentic in our words and actions.
Culture of Good in a Box teaches your organization everything they need to know about creating and leading a stronger company culture that aligns with your employees’ and customers’ passions. Video workshops and a digital workbook walk you through finding your unique “why” and help lay the foundation for a corporate social responsibility program that ignites positive change. This year-long plan gives your employees permission to care about their role and seamlessly merges doing good and doing good business. This kit is designed as a do-it-yourself process structured to support the efforts of those tasked within an organization with leading areas of employee engagement, CSR, and culture change. Additional hands-on support and participant digital licenses are offered in addition to this comprehensive system if desired.

kit contents

Organizational Diagnostic
Build A Culture of Good – 10 copies
Find Your Cause Video Workshops
The 5 Promises Video Workshops
10 Facilitator Guide Digital Licenses
100 Participant Guide Digital Licenses

“Culture of Good in a Box”

Duration: 12 months
Size: Fully Scalable
Pricing Determined By Scale
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Culture of Good works with for-profit companies to radically improve employee engagement, contribute to their local community, and drive overall business growth.

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