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We find our calling when our greatest passion collides with our greatest contribution to make the world better. Invite Ryan and/or Scott as a keynote speaker and ignite passion in your audience to build a Culture of Good through their companies and personal work.

Speaking topics


“ROI of COG”

Every company strives to make a profit. Sometimes, if there’s enough left over, companies even become philanthropic. At TCC, Scott’s motivation for creating a Culture of Good was not to increase profit or give more money to charitable causes. It was merely to make the world a better place. However, he’s still the CEO of a for-profit business so he was far from disappointed to see the positive impact Culture of Good had on financial results and other KPIs. If you appreciate hearing from somebody who has made profound accomplishments, bring Scott in to tell you about how doing good increased his same store sales, total sales and operating income. In a high turnover industry, turnover decreased while the number of employees increased. The Culture of Good, while good for your employees, customers and cause, is also good for your business.


Financial Results, Company Culture, Employee Retention, Meaningful Work, Company Values, Company Vision, Philanthropy


“Redefining Customer Service”

In this presentation, attendees will learn how to serve their customers through inviting them to help build your culture. Great customer service can no longer be taken for granted and those companies that lack it will fail. But customer service should be a given, not a differentiator. In this speech, Ryan redefines customer service as a new level of customer involvement in the very culture a company is attempting to build. Ryan answers the question, “What happens when customers become more than a financial transaction and they begin participating in the culture of the company they frequent.”


Customer Service, Customer Engagement, Company Culture, Philanthropy, Customer Retention, Company Values, Social Responsibility, Cause Marketing


“How To Build a Culture of Good and Why It Matters”

In this presentation, attendees learn how they can grow their companies simply by doing the right thing for the right reasons. The demand for fun, creative company cultures is increasing with a growing millennial workforce searching for an employer willing to compete for their interest. The keys for building a culture that is sticky must go beyond offering ping pong tables and Friday keg days. A culture of good positively makes life better for employees and customers by connecting them to a greater cause to make the world better. In this speech, Ryan answers the question, “What happens when employees and customers join together in a company culture that makes the world better?”


Company Culture, Leadership, Millennial Engagement, Customer Engagement, Customer Service, Rethinking CSR programs, Philanthropy, Culture Change Management


“Bring Your Soul to Work”

How employees discover their calling by turning their everyday work into meaningful impact. When companies give their employees permission to care, they create a movement of people who share their value for social responsibility. CSR programs are just that — programs that can fade faster than it takes to launch. When employees are empowered to bring their soul to work they join a movement that redefines their role in their work that drives retention and minimizes low performance. In this speech, Ryan answers the question, “What happens when companies offer more than jobs or careers and get in the business of offering callings to employees?”


Company Culture, Employee Engagement, Employee Retention, Rethinking CSR programs, Life Purpose, Meaningful Work, Company Values, Company Vision, Philanthropy, Millennial Workforce

Have Scott or Ryan to speak to your organization.

Company Profile

Scott Moorehead, the CEO of TCC Verizon, hired Ryan McCarty to help create a Culture of Good for the largest Verizon Authorized Retailer’s 3,000 employees at 800 stores across the U.S. What the duo began as a powerful movement—in which employees have done everything from dressing up as superheroes for a children’s hospital to distributing hundreds of thousands of backpacks for kids—has grown into a business teaching other companies that inspired employees ignite positive change in the world and impact your bottom line – positively.
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