In today’s world, it’s not just enough for a company to have a vision and mission about being the best, or number 1 in their market to create engaged employees. Companies need to be focused on doing good, giving back, as this is one of they key things that Millenial Employees, the largest group in the workforce are looking for. Many Millenials will take a lower paid job if they believe it has a stronger purpose a bigger impact on the community. On today’s show, we’re going to be talking to people, Scott Moorehead and Ryan McCarty who have not just implemented this idea, but who have changed the entire culture of their company from one of selling phones to their clients to one of Doing Good. Not only has this engaged their teams more, but it has also seen revenues increase by 200%, increased staff retention, created happier customers as well as having a positive impact on their communities. This win-win-win-win approach where the staff, the customers, the community and also the company benefit is the subject of their new book, which we will be discussing, which is called Build a Culture of Good.

To connect with Scott and Ryan check of the website and definitely buy the book, it’s an awesome read packed with practical advice.

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